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Why Going Paperless is the Future – Document Management

By Yolandi BooyensIn standard14th August, 2014

Talk about paperless offices have been around for centuries. Just imagine: an office where there is absolutely no filing cabinets, no papers lying around, no files, no envelopes, no reports; no paper.

Does that sound right? Probably not because paper is more integrated into our daily lives than we realise. Wherever we go we see paper, whatever we do we need paper and going paperless in your office does not mean removing all posters from the walls, no longer sticking sticky notes on your computer screen or replacing all paper cups with real cups.

Nope, going paperless is more about efficiency and accuracy than it is about having an office with no paper in it.

Paperless Document Management

Paperless = Document Management

Having thousands of files lying around your office will greatly reduce your staff’s efficiency and productivity levels- no matter how good you are at labeling. The great thing about the information era is that information is readily available with the click of a button. You no longer have the excuse to not know something about the business you are in as Google has all the answers.

And as customer demands are on the increase and instant gratification is now a trend you don’t have time to sift through thousands of files before answering your customers. Instead, you should have all of your business information available at the click of a button. When a customer calls, you need to be able to pull up their information in front of you and answer any question they might have so they can put down the phone feeling satisfied and impressed.

With record archiving and document management software you can have all of your information online  anytime and have 24/7 access from anywhere. Even better, you can enable a client portal which will ensure that your clients have access to their information as well, thereby making billing management and service level agreements simpler, faster and better!


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