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Document and Billing Management FAQ’s

By Yolandi Booyens In standard6th August, 2014

  Q: Is the software hosted or an on site installation? Either, we have two servers at IS for hosting which get backed up or you can install it on site if you have the network infrastructure. i.e. static IP’s Q: How much disk space does it require? 1 terabyte will allow you to scan


Record Archiving- Making You Look Like a Super Hero

By Yolandi Booyens In standard8th July, 2014

Your boss likes to ask you questions…lots of questions. He likes to ask you lots of questions any time of the day…or night. And usually his questions cost you a lot of time. You have to go looking, searching, wandering for the answers. You have to open drawer after drawer of those hefty dust-covered filing

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