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Document and Billing Management FAQ’s

By Yolandi BooyensIn standard6th August, 2014

Document and Billing Management FAQ's


Q: Is the software hosted or an on site installation?

  • Either, we have two servers at IS for hosting which get backed up or you can install it on site if you have the network infrastructure. i.e. static IP’s

Q: How much disk space does it require?

  • 1 terabyte will allow you to scan in 1000 pages/day for 30 years.


Q: How much band with does it require?

  • 1000 pages/ day will require about 6 gigs/month


Q: Are the documents SARS compliant?

  • Yes, the documents are encrypted to the standard sars requires.
  • The invoices also require the words “Sars compliant electronic tax invoice” to be printed on the document.
  • The client also needs to sign a letter or credit application saying they will accept electronic invoices.


Q: Does the software support OCR?

  • We can add a plugin for OCR but we prefer to use barcodes as they are 99% accurate and ocr is about 60% accurate


Q: Can your read dot matric barcodes

  • Yes


Q: What server specs are required?

  • A basic server is required Intel dual core, 8 Gigs ram, sas drives for OS, sata for images


Q: What database does it use?

  • Postgres


Q: What is it developed in?

  • eSolutions is a J2EE web application developed in Java and deployed in the Apache tomcat environment


Q: What big clients are currently using eSolutions?

A: Sanlam, Hollard, FedEx, Value Logistics. In total about 800 000 documents are archived per day.


Q: What OS does VP run on?

  • Linux or Windows


Q: How is the software backed up?

  • If it installed on a Linux plat form, we have scripts that can sync the software and data hourly
  • On windows you would use your standard backup utility e.g. backup exec


Q: How much does it cost?

The cost is based on the following questions:

  • How many documents do you create per month
  • How many users


Q: How do the clients get their documents?

  • Each account code gets a delivery profile which is updated by your eSolutions provider.


Q: What other documents can you archive?

  • Emails, Faxes, Scans, Ftp, Pdf using pdf index tool


Q: What reports do you have?

  • Scan station statistics
  • Document import statistics
  • Missing documents
  • Un indexed documents


Q: Does the software have work flow?

  • Yes, the software comprises a queuing system for process document indexing, verifying, quality control but these are all tasks specific to document management.


Q: What batch types do you support?

  • Split an blank, split on bar code, split on line in page, single page mode, batch mode
  • Documents can also be manually assigned to a specific batch.


Q: Will it work with my scanners?

  • The software is twain compliant and so will work with 99.9% of scanners.


Q: What scanner do you recommend?

  • We have had the best experience with the Fujitsu 6130Z, a little work horse that has a duty cycle of 3000 pages per day and can scan in 50 pages/min


Q: What DPI do you scan in?

  • 200-300, black and white mode


Q: Will it work with my MFU

  • Yes, you can scan to folder for eSolutions to pick up or scan to email for email archiving


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