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Are your days filled with manually typing and capturing invoices, sending them to clients, capturing proof of payments, trying to see who paid, who didn’t, who promised to pay next month, who used the wrong invoice numbers and who never received your invoices or statements?

Did You Know That You Can Automate Your Billing Processes?

In a nutshell, there is a solution to all of your billing headaches. You can not only cut the time spend on billing by about 70% but you can also significantly reduce the costs by reducing phone calls, write offs and unnecessary awkward meetings between you and you’re your clients. E Billing allows you to spend your time where it is really needed.

The World’s Solution To Billing headaches- Your Secretary in the Cloud

eBilling is a web-based solution which automates and manages all billing management processes. Basically, it is your financial secretary in the cloud. eBilling will automatically capture all of your service specifications and will send invoices and statements to clients via their preferred method of communication. It will also capture payment information and automatically generate reports to allow you to see what your financial situation is actually like, where improvements are needed and when you can finally take that trip to Paris!

But I never received the invoice- That’s Why I Didn’t pay!

Ever hear that before? While this might be true, only if you don’t have eBilling, you will now have the certainty of knowing whether a client did or did not receive an invoice. Best of all, with billing management, you will be able to see delivery details and see whether a client actually opened the invoice or statement sent to them.

eBilling Benefits:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Shortened billing cycles
  • Invoice tracking
  • Process transparency
  • Significantly reduced write-offs
  • Increased cash cycle
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Increased effiencies
  • Integration with IT applications
  • Increased peace of mind- What More Could You Want?
  • Get eBilling Now for the most Proficient financial Secretary EVER- Get your Secretary in the Cloud

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Clients Testimonials

Clotan Steel,

Overall we are very satisfied with the utility of the eDocs software and can we say that it exceeded our expectations and made a huge improvement in customer satisfaction

Dawn Wing,

We have had a long and fruitful relationship with Dovetail where they have partnered with us on systems development and stretched our imagination on the art of the possible thereby helping us to keep a leading edge in the market.

Dawn Wing,

Using eDocs Why Not Get eBilling for the Ultimate Admin Efficiency and Automation

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