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Tackling Complexity with Automation

By Yolandi BooyensIn standard11th August, 2015

Automation is everywhere. IT has become so entrenched in our worlds that we don’t even notice how convenient everything has become.

Grocery stores now take half the time to record purchases, people can do banking from the convenience of their homes, warehouses have quadrupled in size as stored goods are captured in systems and easily retrieved and cars are manufactured at an astonishing pace – our personal lives are busier than ever and technology has adapted to ensure that we can see to our needs on the go.

Logistics Automation

Apart from our daily lives, automation has also made great strides in the logistics industry. Previously, data accuracy was a large hindrance to accurate business decisions. Now, software solutions, such as document management, warehouse systems and transport systems, automatically capture and feed data into organisations’ operating systems. This information is then displayed via user-friendly dashboards and can notify clients of any hindrances to efficiency, any inaccuracies and any areas where improvement for streamlined operations and cost reductions can be achieved.

Today, automation is a crucial link to ensuring successful warehouse management as it highlights inefficiencies in supply chains. WMS systems integrate with other software solutions, thereby enabling companies to integrate admin and operational solutions with their WMS system, providing a 360 degree view of business operations.

This results in both time and cost savings and allows companies to make decisions quicker as all information is available at the decision makers disposal.

The courier industry has also benefited from automation and can track and trace parcels to ensure they reach the right destination at the right time. Integrating track and trace software with transport software further allows these companies to ensure that they are choosing optimal routes and delivering packages in the most time and fuel efficient manner.

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