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About Dovetail

Dovetail specialises in providing the leading software solutions on a global basis.

Our mission is to help our clients improve their operational effectiveness and create a sustainable competitive advantage through the deployment of our logistics software and business management software solutions.

Dovetail’s Document Management Solution and Business Management solution are industry leading software applications which enable our clients to integrate administration processes, billing aspects, all documentation and serve as an online portal for all client stakeholders to ensure increased visibility and communication regarding all business management processes via online portals.

Who Are We?

Dovetail comprises a unique team of dedicated professional who all have a passion for the IT industry. Dovetail employs individuals based on their abilities and their passion for the IT industry. We have a committed team of professionals who ensure success for our clients through the deployment, implementation and support of our software solutions. We stay updated with industry trends and developments and ensure innovation with the deployment of every logistics and business management software aspect, feature, development or update.

What sets us apart?

The top four reasons our clients rate Dovetail as their “firstchoice”are:

Focus:Our in-depth industry knowledge and steadfast service levels

Value:Our overall value for money surpasses the competition

Range: The extentand depth of the solutions are simply the best available

Stability: Successfully serving an impressive client base since 1993

Why Use Our Business Management Software Solutions?

Dovetail created and configured its eDocs and eBusiness solutions to ensure integration with al accounting and business systems and to provide an increase in efficiency and revenue across all industries. Our document management and billing management software solutions can be configured to meet the requirements and deliverables of any industry and come with 24/7 support, training and dedication to your success.

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