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Will Document Management Rob or Rescue Me?

By Yolandi Booyens In standard23rd July, 2014

Is Document Management suitable for small business owners? We get this question all the time: “Is document management not too big of an investment for my small business? Will it not cost me more than I make? The answer to both these questions is no. Document management forms part of Logistics software which means that it


Have a Permanent PI in your office- Billing Management

By Yolandi Booyens In standard15th July, 2014

Ok so you never want to take it too far…. but it does happen. You get some customers or clients who simply won’t pay. No matter how many times you ask they just don’t. So what can you do? First off you need to have contracts in place if you don’t ask for the full


Record Archiving- Making You Look Like a Super Hero

By Yolandi Booyens In standard8th July, 2014

Your boss likes to ask you questions…lots of questions. He likes to ask you lots of questions any time of the day…or night. And usually his questions cost you a lot of time. You have to go looking, searching, wandering for the answers. You have to open drawer after drawer of those hefty dust-covered filing


Companies Should Gear Themselves for a Customer-Centric Future- Dovetail Multi-Tech Launch

By Yolandi Booyens In standard2nd July, 2014

Dovetail Business Solutions aims to continuously update the industry of its new developments, the benefits it will host and the reason why the solutions were developed. Dovetail continuously aims to improve business technologies and to enable faster, more efficient growth for its clients. Dovetail hosted its Multi-Tech launch where it launched its container and mobile


Have Eyes and Ears Everywhere with Document Management

By Yolandi Booyens In standard27th June, 2014

Is your life chaotic? Do your run a business? Literally RUN a business? Are your days filled with long hours running around looking for records, searching for invoice numbers, phoning clients to clear up miss-communications, dragging boxes up from the store room to search for the folder of the client you assisted several years ago


Billing Management- Giving You Peace

By Yolandi Booyens In standard24th June, 2014

Is it possible to find peace when running a business? Yes. But as soon as we find peace we set new goals and try to apply ourselves to different things. But let’s put the psychology of human nature aside. As long as you have peace with regard to the business processes that have solutions to


Cost Management- Which Clients are Costing you Money?

By Yolandi Booyens In standard15th June, 2014

Could it be possible that some of your clients are actually costing you money even though they pay you at the end of each month? You might be wondering how it is possible that someone paying you for a service actually costs you more than they pay you but believe it or not it happens


Paperless Office=Document Management Software

By Yolandi Booyens In standard12th June, 2014

Let’s go back about fifty years or so (where document management was COMPLETELY manual) where news editors were still sitting behind huge oak desks with huge oval glasses, a cigarette dangling from their lips as they yelled at a young journalist with combed back hair trying to wave second hand smoke out of his eyes…


Are You Using Staff for Record Archiving?

By Yolandi Booyens In standard11th June, 2014

42% of an organisation’s knowledge is held in the heads of its staff- scary? Of course it is. There is a reason why staff retention enjoys so much attention from business management courses and analysts. Your employees might know your company better than you know it. The reason for this is not that you are

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