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Dovetail’s Document Management Solution and Business Management solution are industry leading software applications which enable our clients to integrate administration processes, billing aspects, all documentation and serve as an online portal for all client stakeholders to ensure increased visibility and communication regarding all business management processes via online portals.

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Core Features

Customer Portal

Dovetail’s eDocs and eBilling solutions enable you to logon at any time, any place, day or night, upload documents and share them with the relevant stakeholders. Best of all, the online customer portal enables you to provide 24/7 communication with your clients and ensures that you are on top of invoice delivery and reception. Our eSolutions Simplify Information Sharing.

Cloud Based Solutions

If it’s not in the cloud, it’s not safe. Dovetail continuously innovates and updates its software solutions to ensure that it adheres to global practices, therefore, we bring you eDocs and eBilling in the cloud. Ensure that your information is safe and secure and easily retrievable at the click of a button.

Technology Integration

Software isolation is a big taboo in the IT industry. Therefore, Dovetail ensures that its eDocs and eBilling solutions can easily integrate with other software systems. Whether you wish to integrate our eSolutions with your human resource, payroll or online learning platform, we will ensure easy integration and configuration for software success.



Are your days filled with manually typing and capturing invoices, sending them to clients, capturing proof of payments, trying to see who paid, who didn’t, who promised to pay next month, who used the wrong invoice numbers and who never received your invoices or statements?

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A document management and record archiving system that allows for the secure, proficient and cost-effective imaging and electronic distribution of business documents, therefore ensuring process consistency eDocs.

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What our clients say

Clotan Steel,

Overall we are very satisfied with the utility of the eDocs software and can we say that it exceeded our expectations and made a huge improvement in customer satisfaction

Dawn Wing,

We have had a long and fruitful relationship with Dovetail where they have partnered with us on systems development and stretched our imagination on the art of the possible thereby helping us to keep a leading edge in the market.

Dawn Wing,

Using eDocs Why Not Get eBilling for the Ultimate Admin Efficiency and Automation

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